Hey Ladies (and maybe a few gents), today I will be bringing you through some of the natural do’s and don’ts of plumping up those lovely lips!


As of late you can’t talk about lip plumping without talking about Kylie Jenner… so I decided to try this out for myself! So for the Kylie Jenner look you will need:

  • Small jar/ shot glass/ lid of a drink
  • Vaseline
  • Lip stick
  • Lip liner


 I started with picking a small jar (you can also use a shot glass etc.) make sure it is not too big as it will leave a circle mark around your mouth.

I used Vaseline on my lips to make them nice and smooth then I started by placing the jar on my lips and I sucked in for about 20 seconds. It began to sting a little I found, but is the pain work it? So I decided to do it 4 more times and my lips got bigger. I then put on lip liner and lip stick to make it look better. However after all that I just felt fake. I didn’t like how it made my lips look, it just didn’t look natural.

Personally I prefer my own natural lips, but the jar does help enhance your lips. Still the effect only lasted about 2 hours.

The aftermath of sucking into the jar so my lips would look bigger also had a rather off-putting color change effect turning them blue! I couldn’t believe my lips actually went blue for a few days due to the sucking into a jar. I thought i was going to have blue lips forever! Luckily however it went away, but there are better ways to enhance your lips without them ending up blue!

The next lip enhancer uses a toothbrush to gently encourage your lips to plump up in a more natural way!  For this you will need:

  • Vaseline
  • Plump lip gloss(optional)
  • Tooth brush


For this lip enhancer I first put Vaseline on to smoothen my lips. Then I wiped it off after a few seconds, I got my tooth brush and just brushed my lips to get the blood flowing which caused them to swell.

There was a slight difference already, I then put on a plump lip gloss (slight difference) then I wiped it off and started to brush my lips again for about 2 minutes.

This worked very well, my lips felt numb for a few minutes but they looked nice and more natural.

Just to finish it off I used lip liner and lip gloss. I would recommend doing this rather than using a jar. Not sure if your lips going numb for a few minutes is the best sign but in my opinion it’s certainly better than them going blue!

Finally the last lip enhancer I tried used cinnamon to get my lips looking lovely and kissable! For this you will need:

  • Vaseline
  • Tissue
  • Cinnamon
  • Tooth brush


So for this lip enhancer I decided to mix Vaseline and cinnamon together on a piece of tissue, not too much but make a paste with it.

I then rubbed this on my lips and waited for 10 minutes, after I took it off and there was a slight difference.

I then went on to use my tooth brush to get the blood flow going and I found my lips were looking bigger at this stage.

If you are not happy with the result you can repeat the steps above and you’ll surely be happy with your lips then. This was my favorite natural method for enhancing my lips.

Thanks for reading guys hope you enjoyed this!

Just remember ladies big lips or not we are all beautiful people!