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As a women I have found I am naturally drawn to Taylor Swift and her music. Every song seems to resonate with some time or other in my life. It seems like Taylor has had a sneaky peek at most of our diaries and decided to write songs about our lives. However she has so many other qualities that make her the ultimate girl crush and wish she was our bestie!

song writer

#1 She writes her own material

Not only is Taylor an incredibly talented singer, musician and performer but she also writes her own songs. Each album is like a diary entry and she’s letting us into it. She can also dance! She truly is the real deal.

taylor style

#2 Her Style

Taylor is not only an amazing artist but she is also a style icon. She gets more stylish each year and we love looking to her for fashion inspiration.  Her striking red lips, flirty skirts and cute crop tops are some of our favorites.

best friends

#3 She is a Best Friend

Taylor has a good group of girlfriends around her and it’s easy to see why. From the outside looking in she certainly seems like she would be an amazing best friend. Even the fact that she is still besties with her friend Abigail shows that she no matter where life takes her…all over the word, The Grammy’s..you know things like that  …..She makes time for her best friends!

good girl taylor

#4 She’s a good example

There are tons of performers out there that send the wrong messages to the young women and girls of the world but not Taylor! We love that she hasn’t over dosed on drugs or doesn’t need to completely bare all to be sexy. She consistently talks out about how women should encourage each other to be the best they can be and that we should all love ourselves and realize we are worth it. Aw she is a softie!

then now

#5 We’ve grown up with her

We have seen Taylor grow from a cute baby faced teen to this sexy strikingly beautiful women. Her music has evolved too and with each album her music adapted and changed while still keeping that Taylor magic.

blank space

#6 She’s able to laugh at herself.

Taylor is adorable, beautiful, talented and a self-proclaimed dork! She is able to laugh at herself and that is such an incredible quality in a person. Her videos are proof of her dorkiness and blank space is the perfect example of her ability to be able to laugh at herself and the media’s perception of her.

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#7 She is Relate-able

Taylor gets us. She understands our inner psyche and we love her all the more for it!


#8 She is Gorgeous

Taylor Swift is beautiful. A girl crush doesn’t have to necessarily be gorgeous as we value our girl crush on so many other levels than beauty but it certainly helps!

human taylor

#9 She is Human

As a celeb Taylor Swift is somewhat unattainable. Still her down to earth attitude, her openness and her heart break all prove that she is a mere human…well an amazing human but a human none the less. She is just like us and therefore we have the potential to be as successful and amazing as she is…or at least we can tell ourselves that!

taylor live

#10 She is Absolutely Amazing Live.

As a huge Tay Tay fan I was thrilled to be finally seeing her live on Monday Night. Whilst I was looking forward to a great show I was amazed by her performance. She was just simply incredible with various costume changes (all which were gorgeous) dancing, singing, smoke and great visual effects she blew the crowd away.  I don’t think there was one person in the audience who wasn’t dancing and singing along with her as she played every song from her 1989 Album. There wasn’t a single minute from the time she took the stage to the time she left where we weren’t entertained, between each costume change we were shown videos of her girlfriends talking about Taylor and their friendship with her and we even got introduced to Taylor’s cats!  All is all she was outstanding and it was the best concert I had ever been to.


To sum it up Taylor is just one of those people you can’t really fault. It’s easy to see why she is so successful and well loved. Love or hate her music she is the ultimate girl crush!