At some point most of us want to do something sweet or romantic for our other half. Whether it’s because you’re in trouble or if you just want to smother them in romantic gestures just because… it’s something you don’t hear people complaining about much. No matter how cynical she is or what a tough man he thinks he is…. we all melt a little inside when a romantic gesture is directed at us.

Of course money can buy all sorts and it will definitely help in any romantic ventures you have planned but we are all not so lucky to be flash with the cash. Still there are really romantic things you can do for the person you love without spending a lot of money, some are even free!

little things


The Little Things

Whether you guys are starting out or have been together it’s not too late to start doing the little romantic everyday things. Opening doors, kissing their hand, pulling out their chair…. Making them breakfast in bed on a weekday. These are all little gestures that don’t take much money effort or time and will have a huge impact on how special you make them feel!

love letter


A Love Letter

An actual letter! Sure its old fashioned and you don’t necessarily have to post it but write in your best handwriting, choose nice paper and just tell them how much you like/love them. It’s something that they can keep forever and its old style romance! The effort you went to will completely impress them and have them blushing in no time!



Send a Text

Not just any text, but some day when you are sitting in the office or even sitting at home just thinking about them… well tell them. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been talking to them all day or if you know you’ll see them later. Just send a little text saying ‘Thinking of you’. It’s such a simple gesture that will brighten up their whole day and make them feel great.

mixed tape


Create A Playlist

Back in the 80’s they made mixed tapes but nowadays we have YouTube and Spotify and it’s so easy to make a playlist. Choose 10 songs (or more if you like) that remind you of the person. If possible give them a little note as to why these songs remind you of them. I have had this done for me and it was such a sweet thing to do… still has me beaming when I think of it three years later!



Learn Something about their Hobby

If you have gone to the effort of learning even just a little bit about your other half’s hobby you have done well. It doesn’t mean you have to fall in love with it but if you even learn the terms it means that they can tell you all about it and it’ll mean so much to them that you are showing an interest.

treaure trail


Create a Treasure Hunt

This is something fun and romantic that you can do for your other half. Create some clues and hide them around the house or a park …the clues should lead to you (maybe you in a little less clothing than normal) or to a romantic picnic. The clues could be inspired by your favorite T.V show or moments in your relationship…it’s up to you!

just because


Give them flowers/Buy a Gift ….. Just Because

Why does it have to be an anniversary or special occasion to be romantic? A small bunch of flowers or a little gift just to say you love them, it doesn’t have to be expensive or lavish just thoughtful.



Make a Photo Collage of You Both

You don’t even have to use glue or scissors. There are tons of apps for android and iPhones out there to choose from that will have an incredibly cute collage created in minutes. If you want to put in even more effort perhaps print and frame it!



Cook a Romantic Dinner

This one is a cliché but it always goes down a treat. If you haven’t a notion in the kitchen the gesture is all the more special, but maybe get some help from a friend who can cook! The meal doesn’t have to be complicated it’s more about the ambiance really. Light some candles, put the good plates out and have some romantic music playing on the background…maybe even a playlist you have created for them.



Reasons I love you

Create a list of reasons you love (or like if you’re not quite there in your relationship) them. It could be 12 reasons and choose one day each month for the next year to surprise them with a reason, you could go with 52 and send them one each week or go mad and make a list of 365 reasons you love them and send them one every day for a year. This can be harder than it sounds so I recommend doing this if you’re an advanced Romantic! 😛

Simple gestures can be the most romantic and the ones that cost nothing can be the ones you will never forget. Romance isn’t dead it’s just evolved and there’s no excuse not to make an effort in your relationship every once in a while! It gives you an amazing rush too and ladies of you want to be romanced you should do your fair share too!