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We all have at least one handbag that we use daily, they are usually large in size and a color that matches most of the outfits in our wardrobe! Something though, that the lovely lads in our lives don’t seem to realize is they are so much more than a handbag! They are a lifeline, between having a mini pharmacy to a beauty salon in there they are our assistants in every aspect of our busy lives. Here are 20 essentials you are most likely to find in any woman’s handbag…including your own!

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#1 A Purse … I mean duh! We need somewhere to keep not just our money (There might not be a whole lot in there at any one time but still )but also our Tesco, Boots and Odeon loyalty cards!

#2 Sunglasses….Just on the off chance that there will be sunshine…A girl can hope can’t she?

#3 Her Phone. Enough Said.

#4 A snack…Maybe for us…possibly for the boyfriend who gets hangry if he doesn’t eat every half hour. But then again most likely for us. We are grazers and that’s OK!

#5 Receipts and Rubbish. Yes OK , we love our handbags but there isn’t a bin in sight and you can’t just carry that Kit Kat wrapper around for the next god knows how long! That little zippy section is reserved for this kind of thing…..and then there’s the receipts. If someone found these they might think you have a problem……

#6 Keys…the car, the house, work, the keys to your mams, and the boyfriends and keyings….Who needs to weight lift when you have keys!?

#7 Lip balm, well we suffer from dry lips, or you might just run into your ex at the shop…or see a hottie at lunch. Lips must look moist at all times!

#8  Go Go/Clips…. This is pretty much essential for any woman with long hair! If it’s too hot you need to tie it up… It’s in your face while you’re trying to work… it needs to be tied up! Then of course we are thinking of our friends who may just need to clip that niggling piece of hair that won’t behave back! We are just that caring…obviously!

#9 Painkillers. We might be superwomen who can multitask, look fabulous and are totally capable of ruling the world, however unfortunately we still feel pain! Therefore those bad boys are an essential to your handbags contents and a total lifesaver when your head feels like someone is hammering inside.

#10 Contraceptive, The Pill is one of the most popular forms of contraception there is and us modern girls like to stay protected. As it’s important to take at the same time every day they are usually hidden in some pocket or crevice that’s easy to get too when you realize crap…I should have taken that twenty minutes ago!

#11 Camera. We LOVE taking pictures, of our food, our drinks, each other, ourselves and our phones only have so much memory.

#12 Perfume. We want to smell nice. All the time. And we love the handbag editions of our favorite perfumes! #perfection

#13 Lipstick/Lip-gloss. Once again it’s of the highest importance that our lips look luscious pretty much all of the time.

#14 A pen, it’s just one of those things that always comes in handy!

#15 Loom Band/Keepsake. Whether you’re a mom, a big sister or a beloved god parent you’ll have some little keepsake that the youngster in your life has made you in your handbag. It might not be suitable to wear in the board room but their little hands made it and you love it despite the fact it’s made out of plastic….or pasta!

#16 Deodorant, because no one likes the smell of B.O! Simples!

#17 Mirror, well how else are we supposed to apply that lipstick on the train on your way to work?!

#18 Headphones, these are vital nowadays if you are taking any form of public transport. Nobody talks to each other anymore and your grand with that because you can listen to Taylor Swift in peace! Thank you very much!

#19 Make Up Wipes. You went a bit crazy with the eyeliner, or just realized you have a huge orange streak on your neck. Your kids have destroyed themselves in chocolate and you’ve no baby wipes left. They are just versatile and helpful in so many ways!

#20 Random Crap…. This is something even the most organised woman will have in her handbag. From a child’s toy to batteries you bought for the ‘remote’ or a pair of socks from that time you went bowling but you were wearing ballet pumps!  God knows what you could find in there at any one time and who knows they might just come in handy someday… you never know!

Find any of this stuff in your handbag? We would love to hear what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found in there?