Girl Power

The girls have arrived, the drinks have been poured and there is make up everywhere. The pre party is in full swing, now all you need is the playlist to go with it! Here is our list of 10 songs that are packed with girl power and will have you in the party mood in no time!

#1 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This one is a classic and we still love it today! Cyndi Lauper’s classic is cheesy but perfect to get a girls night out started.

#2  Run The World (Girls)

Beyoncé will not only have you up and dancing contently in no time but she will have you fully convinced you can take over the world …TONIGHT…solely based on the fact you are a woman. Ah sure why not give it a go!?

#3  I Don’t Need a Man

The Pussycatdolls will have you self-assured that you have no need for a man! That is until you see a gorgeous male across the bar who is smiling at you …but still you can pretend for the next hour or so!


Aretha has been singing this girl power ballad for decades and it still rings through today. Plus it’s just a great tune that will have you singing your heart out before the 2nd round of drinks!

#5 Independent Woman

Destiny’s Child will have you singing, dancing and making strange sudden movements as you imagine yourself as one of Charlies Angels! We can feel the girl power flowing through us. Oh wait that’s just the blood flowing to our brains.

#6 Single Ladies

Single or not this is just an empowering song for us ladies. And its catchy …plus there’s a dance to go with it…and we can totally nail it….or at least we think we can until we see the video the next day!

#7 Man I Feel Like a Woman

Shania reminds us just how great it really is to be a woman! We can wear men’s clothes without funny looks and dance to our hearts content with or without a member of the opposite sex in sight.

#8 Roar

Roar by Katy Perry is one of the more modern songs on our list and we love it. The idea of the manly lion roaring to protect his family or territory….humph… We are naturals at roaring! It can release a lot of built up anger and it’s just another thing we can do better than the lads.

#9 Can’t Hold Us Down

Christina’s girl power track may not be as well-known as the others but it is definitely an incredibly empowering song for us ladies!

#10 Wannabe

The Spice Girls are notorious for the Girl Power movement and this song reminds us that the lovely girls in our lives are more important than the lads who come and go as often as the buses! If you want to be with me you better make an effort with my girlies. Simple as!

Well that’s our list of 10 girl power songs! We would love to hear what yours are? Leave us a comment and let us know 🙂


Gloria X0x0