Caitriona Foley

Caitriona Foley is a woman we can only look up to here at the It’s All Relative house, not only is she a Wedding Planner, a freelance writer and a stationary designer but she is also the owner of True Romance Weddings.

 Caitriona’s Wedding blog is award winning and she describes herself as a slightly obsessed Wedding Planner.

 She hails from Galway Ireland and her bubbly and friendly demeanor just make her all the more likable. Her success at such a young age tells us all we need to know about her! (She’s pretty awesome)

 So we wanted to catch up with her and bombard her with questions about her dream job!

Your Profession(s)? 

Owner of True Romance Weddings – Wedding planner, stationery designer, freelance writer!

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