Nail Art Starter Kit

I love nails, they are tiny platforms for artwork that you can have on your body (that is temporary). They can be painted to match any outfit, for any event or just for lazing around. I particularly love nail art, whilst I wouldn’t call myself a professional I think I am getting better each time! And I can’t go to a family event without someone asking me to do their nails 🙂

People see Nail Art as this really difficult procedure or think you have to be really creative to do it. It’s much easier than you think, but before you start painting everyone’s nails from your mam to that woman you met in the bathroom of the club last night… you need a few tools!

#1 A Base Coat Nail Varnish.

This is a must if you are using any really bright colours and don’t want to stain your nails. It also helps protect your nails and helps keep your varnish on for longer! What is not to like? It just requires slapping a bit on and letting it dry before applying your Base Coat.

#2 Some Base Colours

Choose three or four colours that you really love or that you wear often. That way your nails will be able to match any outfit in your wardrobe. If you really want to get into this build up a collection. Make sure than your nails varnishes aren’t too old as they clump and dry out giving a bumpy finish to the nail instead of smooth and sleek. If you are looking for a wide variety of colours at a low price I would recommend Essence. There nail varnishes average at about €2 each and they have a great range of colours!

#3 Nail Art Pens

These are great and so helpful. Sometimes they can cost a pretty penny, especially if you’re just doing nail art as a hobby but I highly recommend the Nail Art Pens from the P.S I Love You range at Penney’s. Three colours for €2.50. You couldn’t ask for better! These are perfect for creating a variety of different easy to do designs.

#4 Top Coat

This works similar way to the base coat. It protects your design and gives your nails a glossy finish. Some can take a while to dry but it’s worth it to not have your nails chipping hours after you’ve made them look so damn good! 🙂

#5 Nail File

You should file your nails before you apply any varnish. Nail files should be a part of your nail care routine in general. They are perfect for shaping your nails. A little tips is to only file in one direction as otherwise you are in danger of splitting your nail and causing a break.

#6 Nail Clipper/Scissors

Lovely beautifully shaped long nails and talons are two different things. No one should let their nails grow too long and you definitely shouldn’t bite them. Get some nail clippers or scissors for your nails sake and for yourself.

#7 Studs/Sequence & A tweezer

These are perfect for adding some glitz and glam to your nails. They can be applied using a drop of top nail varnish to the bottom of the sequence and placing on top of your base colour using a tweezer.  You can of course use nail glue or nail art glue of you have some! Then apply a top coat once dried and you will have sparkly nails even the biggest stars would be envious of!  A set can be got from the P.S I Love You range also or even in discount shops like Dealz!

#8 Cuticle Tips

These are used to eliminate your cuticles, which is kind of the dry skin around the base of your nails. Use the cuticle tips to just push back your cuticles for fabulous healthy looking nails.

#9 Cotton Pads

When removing your nail polish, I highly recommend using cotton pads over tissue or cotton balls. The pads allow easy removal of your nails varnish without sticking to your nails and causing a nail fluff ball!

#10 Nail Polish Remover and Cotton Buds

Well we all make mistakes and with these two tools by your side you can erase all unsightly accidents….. Well on your nails anyway! If your paint over the nail and onto the finger or just mess up on one nail just simply tip the cotton bud into the remover and carefully pat or rub the area where you messed up. Flip the cotton bud and use the other side to quickly dry the area! There you go, no one will know any better that you had a little woopsie!  Perfect! J  I would recommend Essence Nail Polish Remover, it is scented and doesn’t have that horrible numina smell most do, it’s also handbag sized so you can pop in your bag for nails on the go!

Well that’s the Nail Art Starter Kit! You will find you will have most of what’s needed lying around the house anyway.  So go on give it a go! I would love to hear how you got on!