11849157_701502159984706_1666820244_nAt It’s All Relative we are big fans of Ireland’s best and most well known stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick, so I was delighted to get to meet her in person, and be part of a small group of people lucky enough to experience an intimate interview with the Style Queen of Ireland.

The event organised by Goss.ie was called #GossMeetsLive and we were lucky enough to meet three inspiring ladies, Lisa Fitzpatrick, Marissa Carter and Rosanna Davison.

Editor of Goss.ie, Ally Ryan interviewed Lisa as we listened carefully and laughed along with her funny antidotes and marveled at her down to earth attitude.

Lisa Fitzpatrick's interview with Goss.ie
Lisa Fitzpatrick’s interview with Goss.ie

Lisa told us how she started her career in a clothes shop in Rathmines. She worked hard, long hours and annoyed the heart and soul out of the owners with her ideas.

Lisa went on to own her own clothes store and Hairdressers in Foxrock. She tells us how she over bought for her little shop and that lead to pop up shops and other creative methods of selling her stock. She tells us laughing ‘I bought enough for the whole of Ireland.’ Lisa tells us how she was sitting at home one day watching Ireland AM and decided to ring up the producer and ask to be on the show. The producer at the time, Debbie O Donnell was intrigued and brought her on board. The rest is history!

11410487_1478639699102797_2091708492_nAs Ally Ryan praises Lisa for her massive success across many ventures, Lisa remains modest and humble throughout. Whilst she doesn’t deny that it took hard work to get where she is today she reminds us in the audience that it is possible for each one of us to reach the same level of success as her.

fashion fix

Lisa has been involved in many ventures over the years. She has written a diet book called Diet SOS , been involved in various T.V shows such as Xpose, Ireland AM and ITV’s This Morning, not to mention her own show SOS (Save Our Shops). She is Ireland’s leading Stylist and is currently running a workshop entitled Lisa’s Fashion Fix.

So what more can she do? Its seems like she has conquered the world or at the very least Ireland. Well she’s not done yet! Lisa reveals she has a another few projects up her sleeve. Whilst she can’t see a second book in the pipeline anytime soon, due to a case of writers block, she is thinking about a new make up line!

Lisa FitzPatrick and Brown Sugar

Lisa is a big fan of Brown Sugar Salons and Cosmetics and reveals she would love to collaborate with them on a new make up line. Whilst she loves stylish clothes, she confesses, that she thinks, if your make up is done well you will feel fabulous no matter what you are wearing.

Lisa tells us she has a million ideas a day and uses vision and storyboards to determine whether a particular idea is a runner or a dud. Well we think this is a definite runner!

Liz Kelly, Gloria Shannon (me) & Leanna Conlon with Lisa Fitzpatrick at #GossMeetsLive.
Liz Kelly, Gloria Shannon (me) & Leanna Conlon with Lisa Fitzpatrick at #GossMeetsLive.

Here’s hoping we see Lisa’s Make Up Line hit the shelves in the not so distant future. Best of Luck with it Lisa!

Thanks for reading,

Gloria XoXo