So the night has finally come, you might have been planning it for weeks or maybe months but you and 15 of your closest friends are heading off for an amazing night out. It took an age to get you all to agree to a suitable date, between Mary’s new job, Kayleigh’s new baby and Lisa’s new fella your nearest and dearest have been MIA for weeks now. But this is it, tonight ye are going to make up for all that and it will be EPIC! Here is our list of ten things that happen on Every Big Night Out. 

Pre-drinking Shots

So all the girls have congregated to one house to get ready, play some music and have a glass of wine before ye head out onto the town for the night. Numerous glasses of wine later someone has had the bright idea that you should all do shots…. and for some reason your inclined to agree. You might just regret that later…


To wear heels…or to not wear heels? That is the question!

It’s a serious decision that you must not take lightly. Heels will obviously make you look fabulous but might also result in you falling on your arse various times throughout the night. This kind of dilemma only has one solution, bring a big handbag and pop a pair of flats in it for the dance floor later on! Perfect.

heel fail

Stampede to the Taxi

Ye ordered the taxi an hour ago, fully sure that was more than enough time to get your glad rags on and hit the road. However you hadn’t accounted for the random dancing around, doing hair for at least 3 of your friends (because your the best at it) and stopping every five minutes to divulge some gossip that only your girlfriends could appreciate. Now the taxi is here, you only have half your face on and your drink is filled the the brim. Time to down the drinks, get into panic mode and stampede yer way on out to the taxi!

Watch Stampede Here!


The Interrogation of the one Sober Person

There is no denying that as Irish people we drink too much much as a nation.. we also tend to interrogate people if they don’t want to drink. There must be something wrong…is she on antibiotics?…no she must be pregnant! Our imagination takes over and we have her pregnant with triplets before we accept that maybe she just doesn’t fancy a drink!


Dancing like Beyonce 

You all hit the dance floor, giving it all you’ve got and your’re all pretty sure you are rocking it! These moves would rival Beyonce’s dancing skills.Or at least that’s what you think…. that is until you see the video someone decided to take last night and post on Facebook this morning , making sure to tag you in it!

dancing like beyonce

You turn into a Lesbian

A big girls night is sure to attract some male attention. Trouble is its not always wanted attention,also usually its the unwanted attention that is the most persistent. Bar telling them you have a penis there is not much you can do to get them to leave you alone. Somehow though telling them your a lesbian finally gets the message across that your just not interested!


Supermacs (Fast Food)

You have suddenly can’t remember eating at all that day and as soon as the air hits you outside the club you are starving! There’s nothing better than a salty bag of chips from the local chipper or a hot chicken wrap from Supermac’s when your merrier than Santa Claus.

fast food Someone Pukes in the Taxi

Ye have finally made it to the taxi after stopping to talk to every handsome straggler that wondered by, but one of the girls has lost the use of her legs, is crying over an ex boyfriend and swears she doesn’t feel sick. Two minutes in the taxi and that new pair of shoes from River Island are ruined! And the Taxi man doesn’t seem sympathetic at all. Ooops!

Drunk Dialing

You have consumed quite a lot of alcohol and done quite a lot of talking with your girlfriends who have empowered you to stand up to your boss, or tell that fella just how you feel! Obviously this is a matter that can’t wait until the morning and must be dealt with immediately. This is where that one sober friend is a God Send and if she manages to wrestle the phone off you before you let your fingers loose you might just be saved the embarrassment of it all in the morning…or you know your job.

drunk dialing

The Fear

This is the horrible realization of all that happened the night before! You are afraid to check your purse for lack of funds, your phone for embarrassing texts and your Facebook for horrendous pictures of the night previous. You swear you will never drink again… but we all know that’s a lie!

All in all it was a brilliant night with the girls and despite the hangover that is currently making you lose the will to live you know you’ll do it ALL again soon!