Now that I have caught your attention with my ridiculous title, I would like to start by explaining it. This is the message we are all guilty of sending to other women. We ridicule, analyze and pick at other women bodies. Yes, that’s right men have very little blame in this whole body shaming trend we have gotten into recently. That is not to say men don’t ever body shame but I honestly believe this is a beast that is being generated by women.

Recently my twitter and Facebook feed has been bombarded with body shaming articles or videos and the internet was awash, with a video called ‘Dear Fat People’ which, was created by a YouTuber Nicole Arbour. The video is full of jokes and nasty comments about Fat people and how Nicole feels about them. People were outraged and there were plenty of replies from angry fellow you-tubers and bloggers.

Yesterday, an article in the Irish Independent which was written by columnist Amanda Brunker was the latest discussion in Body shaming. May I say, I am a fan of Amanda Brunker for her honestly and brilliant writing but I do not agree with her comments. Her article was in response to some of Cheryl Fernandez recent comments where she seemed to be fat shaming. However Amanda dealt with her comments by attacking Cheryl’s body.  I am a big girl also, I have been far from thin since I hit puberty. However , just because I am a bigger girl does not mean that 1) I should be ashamed of my body but I also think 2) That I shouldn’t make anyone else feel shameful about theirs.

Whilst saying that I don’t agree with the way Amanda handled the Cheryl situation, I also must admit I am appalled by the way Cheryl handed hers too. This has turned into a vicious cycle. Cheryl has noticeably lost weight, and to be honest it does look unhealthy. However instead of just telling people her weight is none of their business…she decided to deflect her issues on larger women by saying that we shouldn’t compliment women who are overweight! Then in her article Amanda continued with the body shaming, in my opinion by commenting on Cheryl’s body. It seems the cycle is never-ending.

Stop the madness Ladies! As a big girl with a skinny best friend, I can tell you both groups of women have major body hang ups. So why is it OK to make fun of another women’s body be it thin or curvy. Why do we tear each other down all the time? No wonder men see us as bitchy.

To all the Body Shamers, here is a reality check. If your Fat…You KNOW THAT YOUR FAT! And if your unhealthily thin YOU KNOW THAT TOO! On top of knowing that, your family members and friends will point it out all the time. For some reason telling a skinny girl to eat a cake is more acceptable than telling a fat girl to eat a carrot instead…but us big girls still hear the tones in people’s voices. The comments that are meant to be subtle. We don not need strangers on the internet or people who have power in the media telling us that we are too thin or too fat.

Look at some of the images that come up on our Facebook news feeds every day.

1346604385975_4124333 real-women-have-curves

Images condoning the Body Shaming of skinny Girls.

dear fat peoplefat shaming media

Media body shaming Bigger Girls.

Why can’t we see what we are doing to each other? Just because a woman is under or overweight does not mean they are unlovable, unattractive or undeserving of a complement. Most certainly it doesn’t give any other women the right to comment on another’s body. We need to support one another, we need to compliment one another and realize that we all come in different shapes and sizes. We all have physical features we like and those we can’t stand. Does beauty now depend purely on weight? So someone with gorgeous eyes, or amazing cheek bones, beautiful hands and the list goes on shouldn’t be able to feel good about themselves because of what the scales say. Why can’t we point those things, the positive things out to each other? Why can’t we talk about those features on talk shows and in articles?

This is just ridiculous carry on. I have been fat shamed by people very close to me and honestly it was absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t for the life of me understand why it would be any different if I were a skinny girl being skinny shamed.

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This is me, I’m far from skinny. I’m curvy, or large, or fat or whatever way you want to see me…but You know what I like my eyes, my hair and my lips. There I said it…I like something about myself! So I’m a fat girl who think she still deserves the odd compliment or two. Sorry if that offends or shocks any of you, well actually I’m not! And my thin friends are also beautiful all on their own without taking their weight into consideration.

So how about from now on…we take a leaf out of our grannies book .. If you don’t have anything nice to say.. Don’t say anything at all!

Thanks for reading,

Gloria Shannon.