Urban Decay 1
Sarah, Me, Katie & Leanna (Left to right)


I’m Female, so I have pretty much always had an interest in the artistry that is make up. I and my sister would sit on my mams bed before she would head out on the town with my dad and watch her every step.

make up without

However the world of makeup has become so much more advanced than my lovely mams make up routine, highlighting, strobing, contouring… new techniques are constantly trending and it can be hard to keep up.

I mean I have watched the video tutorials and some are so helpful and it’s amazing what you can learn for free in the comfort of your own bedroom…but then there are times when it doesn’t quite work out…

make up disaster

So when I heard about The Urban Decay Course I decided to delve a little more into the world of Make Up! The course is €200, and is 2 hours long for 1 evening/day a week for four weeks. What is brilliant though is you also get to choose €200 worth of Urban Decay Make Up to keep!

I did mine at the Urban Decay counter in Debenhams in Henry Street Dublin, however you can also attend ones in Limerick and Cork!

I went with my friend Leanna and we choose to take the course on the Saturday but weekday evenings are also available.

The first day I was a little nervous, I am not the best at make up or the most knowledge so I was worried I’d nearly be laughed out of the place. But this was not the case at all.

make up confidence

The girls were so welcoming from the very first day right through to the end. We met Lauren, Katie and Sarah who would be our teachers throughout the course. The girls were chatty and lovely and obviously passionate about Make Up and the Urban Decay brand.

The first week was all about skin, Lauren demonstrated some basics on skin and answered any questions we had. What I thought was great was whether you were brand new to the makeup scene or a whizz with a brush the girls were able to help.

First Day Finished Make Up Look (Eyebrows Included :p)

I also got Eyebrows on the very first day! My eyebrows are normally so light I had been afraid to go anywhere near them with a pencil but Katie showed me the light! (Thank you) and it completely changed the shape of my face! (For the better) and I will never live an eyebrowless life again!

The second week we learnt how to do a Smokey eye , again the same format took place with a live demonstration followed by us trying the look out on ourselves after , with the guidance of the girls.

I personally wanted to learn some techniques better and just generally get a few tips and tricks for myself, however one or two of the other girls would love to work in the makeup industry. Lauren, Katie and Sarah were helpful in that respect too, telling the girls where they trained, how they got their positions and hints and tips for achieving great make up looks on different skin tones, face shapes and ages.

The third week was all about glitter as Katie took over the class and loves loves loves her glitter! In fairness I think she converted us all showing us just how stylish a touch of glitter could be without overdoing and it making the look tacky. Then we also did some cream contouring, learning all the tips and tricks of the trade.

Urban Decay 2
Purple Glitter Eye Look ❤

The Last week was the most exciting as we each got to choose a look that we wanted to recreate and with the help and guidance of all three girls we rocked it! We all choose quite different looks with me going for a bold blue colorful eye.

From the very first week my makeup was complimented and I felt this serge of confidence, it’s amazing what a touch of contouring and some color in your cheeks can do! It certainly helped that the girls were so helpful and had no bother with all the questions I asked (I ask a lot..I’m Nosey :P)

Bold Blue Colorful Eye using the Electric Palette !

It was probably the best €200 I ever spent to be honest and I came home with tons of goodies. I did end up buying more (Because I am weak willed and the products are pretty much all amazing!)

My tops buys would be the Electric Palette, the Subversion Lash Primer, Perversion Mascara, The Gwen Stefani Blush Palette and the Naked Trio Palette. This are the products I absolutely fell in love with over the course and use the most. Not forgetting the amazing Urban Decay Setting Spray which is like hairspray for your face!

And before you say it, or think it you CAN pull off color. All it takes is the know-how and you can rock it!

For anyone thinking of taking this course I would say go for it! It really was worth the €200 and more, each girl enjoyed it and we all got something different from it. You also get a certificate sent to you after and it can be a great starting point for anyone who would like to go into the makeup industry.

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The only negative on the whole course for myself was I found the foundation dried my skin, but I believe I was alone in that!

Just remember don’t be afraid to ask questions because the girls will answer any and none sound too stupid. Tell them your reasons for the course whether you have aspirations to look like Kim K or want to be a world famous makeup artist they will do their very best to help you. They are also great craic which is defiantly a bonus!

So I would like to give a big thanks to the beautiful girls and wonderful teachers Lauren, Katie and Sarah. Thanks for all your help ladies and it was a pleasure to meet you! I shall have to pop by the counter when I’m in Debenhams to say Hi!  ❤

urban decay 6
Sarah and Lauren with us girls showing off our Final looks!

To contact the Urban Decay Counters :

For Henry Street Dublin Call: 018147280

For Limerick City Center Call: 061460630

For Cork City Call:0214648452

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