You have finally passed the theory test, gotten your provisional licence and booked your first official driving lesson. You can’t wait to cut up your leap card and sing your heart out on the way to work (without all the weird looks). First however you must actually learn how to drive and its harder than it looks. Here are 10 things that happen when you are learning how to drive.


It’s harder than you thought it would be.

Before you ever actually attempt driving you assume it’s easy. I mean you’re sitting down just moving your legs every now and then…. Turning a wheel, I mean how tough can it really be? When you are trying to look in five different directions, change gears without stalling and keep to your side of the road all at the same time you might just accept you were wrong.

I have no idea what I am doing


You will stall the car.

This is a given, no matter how hard you try you will stall the car at some point. It’s frustrating and even a bit scary as the car jumps about the place but take comfort knowing it’s just one of those things when it comes to learning how to drive.


You will scare the life out of your Dad.

The twelve lessons with an official driver instructor are a must have but you will need to practice in-between and who else could do a better job than your Dad? Anybody…. Because you will scare the living Bejayus out of your loving daddy. He’s just not got the stomach for this kind of lark and will probably have an anxiety attack in the first few minutes and you haven’t even left the car park yet!

Dad Driving

You start seeing what everyone else is doing wrong.

With every lesson you take you notice more and more just all the things that everybody else is doing wrong. You began to question how these people ever passed their test and how in the name of all that is good are they allowed on the road?

Now thats just wrong

You are Broke

Between theory tests, eye tests, paying for your provisional licence, driving lessons and insurance your bank account balance is getting lower and lower by the day. You couldn’t afford those new shoes but you tell yourself it’ll all be worth it!

Help me Im poor

You begin to really resent public transport.

Not that public transport in this country didn’t already drive you mad but now it holds a special place in your most hated list. It’s always late, you have to change approximately fourteen times over three different forms of transport to get anywhere down the country and there is so much waiting around. You can’t wait to be free and just drive directly where you have to go and there will be no need to wait in the pouring rain because you were one minute late!

I hate public transport

You become a nervous wreck

You nailed all the gear changes, finally got your speed past a snail’s pace and can even stop the car! Success, now you just have to do all that on the road…with other road users…who will overtake you, beep the horn at you and in general exhibit road rage all directed towards you. Just remember they were all where you are once upon a time too.

Learner Driver Ahead.jpg


You new favourite app is Done Deal.

You have deluded yourself into believing you have enough money to buy a MX-5 or perhaps an Audi…but the reality of the situation is rather different. You’ll be lucky if you can afford a run down 1990 Fiat.  If you manage to afford a car that starts you will be doing well.

Fiat 1990

You will look terrible in your Driving Licence Photo.

It really doesn’t seem to matter how photogenic you are, or even if you have looks that rival Beyoncé’s…. your driving licence photo will make you look like a drug addict, a member of the opposite sex or like you have a  condition which makes your face twitch involuntarily.

Licence Photo

You (think you) become the best driver in the world.

You have passed your test and finally have the true freedom that comes with it. You no longer need a chaperon and you have realised you are the best driver on the planet or at the very least the world. I mean nobody else can see it yet but you know you are awesome. You can take on anything!

‘Come at me world, I’ve got this!’

Everyone is bad at driving but me