A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to nab a ticket to the highly sought after Marissa’s Masterclass in Dunboyne Castle Hotel. I had heard so much about the classes and we numerous dates sold out I felt very privileged to have landed a ticket.
On the ticket it states to come in ‘something you feel beautiful in‘ and I can guarantee you, there was some beauty there on the day. All sort of styles, shapes, sizes and ages and all looking absolutely fabulous. Me and my friend Leanna dressed to the nines heading to Dunboyne Castle , we were a little early but our excitement began as we noticed Marissa’s team setting up the Cara Pharmacy pop up shop!

A few minutes later as we awaited to be seated we were treated to the most adorable mini scones with cream and jam. I personally don’t like jam (Picky eater alert) so I was delighted when some just had cream! ❤ They were delicious and accompanied by tea and coffee.

The function room was decorated beautifully with a glorious flower wall on the stage and the round tables looking as though we were about to be seated at a fabulous wedding. It definitely already felt something from Gossip Girl and I was fully expecting Blair to walk through the room pouting at Serena at any moment.  Before entering the function room we were given the opportunity to meet with Marissa and get a photo with her! I had met her before at a #GossMeetsLive event in Dublin and once again she didn’t disappoint. She was lovely, chatty and of course gorgeous!

Once seated at our tables there were gorgeous pink notebooks and pens by each seat and upon further inspection of the notebooks we realized there was a number attached to each one, later Marissa explained that each number resembled a little special extra for our goodie bags! She called out the prizes as the day went out and I was lucky enough to be gifted the Benefit One Fine Line, which is a blush, contour and highlighter in one. I have to say I have used it a few times already and it really adds a lovely color to your face. Others were gifted with jewelry, brushes, skincare and a range of Marissa’s fave products!

The event got under way soon after we were happily settled in our seats. Marissa began the day off by telling us a little about her, her Cocoa Brown Empire and how important believing in yourself is not only in life but in business. She is the epitome of a Girl Boss and what she lacks in height she makes up for in prowess. It is impossible not to notice how fantastic this woman is when you are in her company and I am pretty sure every woman in that room was in awe of her.

The day was broken into 2 sections almost, one being all about skincare and the other a beauty masterclass. I was honestly surprised at how informational the day was, there was no fluff piece of advice on the skincare. With Marissa’a qualifications she knows her stuff and I mean she knows her stuff! She also had a skincare expert from Declare on stage with her for the demo, a lovely women named Karen. We learned what vitamins were best for you skin, what ingredients you should be looking for in your creams and how often you should use certain products. The notebook certainly came in handy to jot down all the notes on how to keep your skin looking fresh! One of the best skincare tips I got on the day was to take Vitamin C as is not only good for you on the inside but is a super beauty product!

We were treated to a high tea with cute sandwiches and delicate cakes, more tea and coffee and the bar was open just outside the function room for a cheeky white wine spritzer (Sure you only live once!) There were plenty of toilet breaks and chances to stock up on all your beauty favorites at the Cara Pop Up Shop.

Once lunch was over the beauty class began with Danielle Mahon, makeup artist extraordinaire and the lovely Mark from Benefit who is a Brow Expert. Danielle showed us the classic Smokey eye look and even talked us through not only applying one pair of lashes but two (Yes at the same time) She took us through each part step by step so it was easy to follow and she allowed for any questions too. Both her and Mark oohed and awed over the brand new Ice Goddess Oil from Cocoa Brown which just looks like such amazing product (and I cannot wait to get my hands on it) The finished look was flawless and one audience member left very happy with a gorgeous make up look for the rest of the day.

Then Mark from Benefit came on stage and I will tell you something, the crowd did not stop laughing from the moment he got on stage to the moment he left. He not only gave us a Brow Tutorial he performed a stand up gig at the same time. He explained to us the importance of a brows stating ‘You can leave home without your bra girls…but NOT WITHOUT YOUR BROWS!‘. In all seriousness though his tips were great and whilst he is an employee and advocate for Benefit it did not feel like he was only giving us a list of great benefit products, he was also giving us useful hint and tips on how to perfect your brow game.

There was definitely a lot of laughs on the day and tons of prizes , which I was lucky enough to win one (cuz I was tweeting like a mad yoke).  There were prizes for the birthday girls, prizes for best tweets/Instagram posts, prizes for participation (asking questions etc) and even prizes for the mams who had been dragged along by their loving daughters and of course a fab prize of a getaway for the best dressed.

Throughout the day I felt as though I was at The Late Late Toy Show the Beauty Edition because every 20 minutes Marissa pulled out another fab product and told us ‘There’s one in for each of you in your goodie bags’.
The tickets were purchased on Eventbrite and were €104 each, I have heard some people say…Omg that sounds steep but I must admit it was totally worth it. It was not only a day out but a day where I learned tons about skincare and beauty, there was such a good atmosphere and loads of time for any questions you had too. Included in the price was your day out, your cute lil breakie and a yummy lunch. Not to forget the amazing ‘Swag Bags’ we each got sent home with jam packed with goodies. The Swag Bags themselves were worth more than the tickets and then you get a great day out too.

Another aspect I found great is that whilst Marissa Carter has a tanning company and a great range of products she barely mentioned her own products, this wasn’t a sales event disguised as something else. This was a girls day out with a Female Boss , a bunch of laughs, great tips and tricks for looking your best and a great way to spend a Saturday. I would highly recommend it and also make the point that it is worth every penny.


If you have any questions about the day, what was included in the ‘Swag Bag’ or What I think of any of the products mentioned please do get in touch 🙂 ❤