I may not be a mammy but I have spent enough time with them and their gorgeous mini ME’s to have learned the things than can never be truly appreciated until after you have started raising your little ones.  I commend you mammies and daddies of the world…. I don’t know how you do it. 


1. The beauty of a Lie in (Particularly after a night out)

A lie in the old days would consist of sleeping in until 11 and after it before reading a magazine or scrolling through Facebook on your phone until you got hungry and made a beeline for the kitchen. Now it is considered a lie in if you make it to half 8 on a Sunday morning before your gorgeous little darlings delicately wake you up by jumping on the bed….and you! 

2.  The Ability to Pee …. Alone

Ah the beauty of using the toilet by yourself without interruptions was lost on you before children. It was just expected to lock the door and pee in peace. Oh how you wish you had embraced that more……

3.  The Carefree Life

Yes you had worries like everyone but to be honest they were usually worries about yourself, your career your love life….getting those new shoes. No your list of worries are all about someone else, someone who relies on you to well ….survive! Now you know what real worry is!

4. Sleep

Ah…sleep used to be great…but back then you stayed up too late, got up too early and partied the night away instead of appreciating just how wonderful sleep is. Now a few hours shut eye is enough to keep you on going for a couple of days. 

5. Last Minute Plans

The days when you could go anywhere, do anything you liked once you had a lift and a few quid. Those days are long gone. Now you have to arrange a babysitter, prep for 4 days as you don’t want to put too much on the babysitter’s plate and calm the kids before you abandon them for the night.

6. Spontaneous Sex

Back in the good old days you had both the energy and time to do it anywhere anytime…Now it is a scheduled weekly meeting that fits around football training, lunch prep, homework and the weekly shop!

7. Disposable Income

When you were a child free adult you never truly appreciated that extra cash at the end of the month. You wasted it on takeaways, nights out and too much make up. Now your disposable income is spent on your children’s horse riding lessons, books, toys and items to bribe them in general when forced to bring them shopping. 

8. Public Outings

Getting the train, attending a show, eating in a restaurant these were just normal weekly activities to you before the kiddies came along. Now you have to be organised a week before said outing and also be prepared to wish the ground would swallow you whole as your children repeatedly point out fat people, someone’s mole and call every little person they meet one of the seven dwarfs. Oh…that’s kids for you!    

9. Hot Food and Beverages

Before you were a parent the idea of drinking tea cold was fowl and cold food wasn’t much better. However, you have come accustomed to that as you watch your food getting colder by the minute as you cut everyone’s food up, separate rows between siblings, try to convince the baby food goes in their mouth not their hair and try to stay calm doing so. After you third attempt to microwave it you give up and consume it cold.

10. Unconditional,UnExplainable Love. 

From the moment they were handed to you in the hospital you have been besotted and  everything your little one does is amazing. They are the light of your life and you have never loved anyone more than them. You couldn’t have even imagined how you are supposed to love someone this much but you do…. And all the hardships that come with raising you little ones are worth it.