Picture this: A group of women, more accurately feminists get together for lunch and immediately start slamming men and repeatedly talking about just how useless males are in general. We all know this doesn’t happen and that being a feminist is far from being a man hater. Feminists all over the world also happen to be daddy’s girls, have big brothers that are also their best friends and go weak at the knees for a bit of Ryan Gosling. (even if you are a lesbian, you know it)

So now that it is becoming more clear that feminists do not hate men, I think it is time to make it clear that feminists don’t hate women. Confused? Let me explain.

Picture this: A group of women gather for lunch and start slamming another woman. Perhaps she doesn’t breast feed, or maybe she doesn’t make everything with organic ingredients or maybe she has decided to be a stay at home mother instead of continuing to pursue a high flying career. This is a much more realistic image as It happens regularly.

Girl on Girl hate is rife and its becoming a problem. I am not of the opinion that women should all praise each other just because we share the same genitals and obviously everybody makes different life choices. As a strong independent woman with your own mind you are of course allowed to dispute these choices and express that you do not agree.

However, when we rip women apart for their choices simply because we have a difference of opinion, this is where the problem begins. It is when it becomes personal and also an attack on her gender that it becomes such a huge issue. Take a mother who does not breast feed for example. You may be an advocate for breast feeding so express your opinions to a non-breast feeding mother, however do not suggest to the mother that she is in fact a BAD mother simply because you disagree with the way she has chosen to feed her child. Or time and time again I hear of women who don’t want children being accused of “not being a woman at all” simply because of her personal life choice. 

I see this quite often with women around me. A woman decides to engage in a few one night stands, perfectly sound of mind and knowing what the situation is going in and she is labelled a slut. What is saddening being that this language, labelling and dismissal of women is often coming from other women. Yes men do it and yes they need to educate themselves but as with all issues I think we need to start with ourselves. 

Women are entitled to make choices in their life and of course not all women will agree simply because we were all born with breasts and a vagina, however there is nothing wrong with encouraging each other. We are at a disadvantage in society, still, not because we are not as equally capable as men but due to a societal assumption that is slowly changing.

So Instead of labelling each other as sluts, bad mothers, bitches and so on why not encourage each other, complement each other. Give advice instead of passing unhelpful comments and most of all empower each other. Not simply because we are all women but because we are not seen as equal in society to men even now by a lot of the world. It is time to stand together. And if I don’t agree with something another female says/does I can say just that without making comments such as “what kind of a woman is she?” Or accusing her of being a slut when she tells a tale from a passionate night out and then laughing along when my guy friend does it. 

Not all women do this and not all know they are doing this. We all have a good bitch and a moan sometimes (whether you be male or female) but how about getting mad at the person rather than commenting on why you disagree with their point based on their gender. 

Hell you might even learn something.