Liz Cunningham (Kelly) is a massage and Craniosacral therapist based in Trim, Co.Meath Ireland at Sapphire Holistic Therapy. She wants to highlight that this time of year is not all fun, laughter and tons of presents under the tree. For a lot of people it is a very different story. 


The Statistics office have just released that the figure of homeless families in Ireland in November this year was a whopping 1,023 homeless families.

Christmas is a time when all the world is loosing themselves in shopping and partying and having fun all those office parties and cocktail dates and romantic walks down streets lit up like a fairy tale.

When you fill your table to bursting with more food than you would normally eat in a week and the presents under the tree have reached half way across the sitting room floor.Kids getting all the latest game consoles and newest “in” things to have

How wonderful it is that the entire world is in abundant festive joy

Or is it??

With the figures out today of the number of homeless families living in Ireland coming in at such a huge number, all be it reduced this is still a huge amount of people who should not be without a home or a bed to sleep in.

Christmas will be a very different experience for them this year

How many people are living alone or in poverty?

How many children are homeless this Christmas with no chimney for Santa to climb down? Who would be happy with a plate of food and a warm place and who would they dream of the Christmas described above.

And what of the mothers and fathers who have sick children at Christmas and are praying for a miracle of their own or to those who have lost loved ones and face one of their first Christmases without them?

All the children in war torn countries who wont have a tree or Santa.

Does this sound familiar: You can’t get that exact bottle of bubbly you wanted or the crackers just don’t come in the right color scheme for you? We seem to get caught up in the rat race of Christmas, stressing over how many presents little johnny should get “he got 6 last year so it needs to be more this year”

How many times have I heard from my own kids in January “how come my friend got X,Y and Z and all we got was this”

The real struggle of parents trying to get the best for their kids so they don’t feel like Santa loves their friend better because he got 10 presents and they got 1. Ok so maybe that is describing the extreme end of it but that attitude exists and to some level in most of us, myself included.

What is this all about you ask? 

Well its about being mindful that when you start freaking over the minor details, remember the ones who have nobody to freak over. Or perhaps the mom that hopes Santa will bring a cure for cancer or the old man who wishes Santa would take him to his wife he lost at Christmas 10 years ago.

Look around you and see who needs some extra love this Christmas. It costs nothing to show you care. Have a cup of tea with your old neighbor who lives on their own, spare some time to chat with someone lonely and don’t loose your head over the shopping and  endless list of chores that need!! to be done.

It’s one day guys, one day out of an entire year that was rocketed to the fairy tale it is today by department stores and big chains that want you to spend as much as possible

Don’t be led and fooled into thinking you must have it all. 

If you have family and a roof over your head with some food on your table you will be in far better fairy tale than a lot of other people.

Give a little if you can to your local aid charity, there are Christmas trees in big shopping centers where you can choose a card and buy a present for a child in need.

Maybe buy a cup of coffee or a cake for that mom who looks like she just traipsed across Everest and is sitting wishing her Santa bags were fuller because she knows her kids will have to hear the lists from their friends.

Why not volunteer  your time if you cant afford to give money and remember the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.

Help is out there for those in need and remember to encourage friends in need to ask for help this year, a lot of times people struggle in silence because they don’t want to bother people or they think sure everyone has problems, they wont volunteer their worries but be the person that asks how they really are and if you can do anything to make it easier.


If YOU are reading this and you are the person in need it is stronger to ask for help than suffer in silence, asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it takes courage to put that vulnerable side of you out there but do it, get that help today.