Modern Romance

There is a nasty rumor circulating between us Irish ladies and that is that romance is dead and buried. I am a true romantic at heart and refuse to believe that this is the case. I am of the opinion that romance had not died but rather evolved into a modern form of romance instead that seems somewhat different from that of days gone by.

 Okay, so the fella’s in our lives will never take their jacket off to lay over a puddle just to save our feet from getting wet. They are much more logical than that and will simply point out that you can just go AROUND the puddle! Still, they can have their moments we just have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Love letters are seen as the cliche romantic thing to do and whilst they may not be written by hand, or on fancy paper in these modern times, we must realize they are still alive and well. However they now come in the form of texts, Facebook posts and emails. At the end of the day it’s the words in the letter that counts not the means to which they were delivered.

Most men I know will still pull out your chair (in the posh places), hold doors open for you and carry the shopping basket when it starts filling up. These are little romantic gestures too and our men can get behind them because they are not completely illogical.

No longer do we have the mixed tape, but we have YouTube and Spotify that essentially allows us to do the same thing but with much less effort. It may not be as romantic as back in the day, when you had to wait around all day, listening to the radio for the right song to come on, so you could record it for a personalized mixed tape for the other half…….. But it does mean he will have more time for cuddles.

Something us girls tend to forget when talking all things romance, is that in this modern day and age we should be partial to some romantic gestures too. We want equality across all areas of life and that includes wooing himself! He deserves it too and no matter how much he protests that he is manly and would never like to be romanced even a surprise, sweet text message will have him reaching for the tissues in no time.

Romance is ever changing, it used to consist of dancing the night away, love letters and gestures that left the poor man in the relationship cold, wet and probably tired after lifting all those chairs and opening all those doors.

There is this idea that modern romance should be jetting off to Milan for lunch or surprising you some Tuesday evening with a diamond necklace…but we live in the real world and here we have to count the little things.

We pride Irish lads on just how charming they are and when you think of it they can make sharing a bag of chips, on a bench in the freezing cold , beside the beach seem like a picnic in Paris by the Eiffel Tower. It’s all about the company we keep and I think that our lovely Irish men are romantics at heart.

Romance may be completely different again in years to come…..Guess we will just have to wait and see!