Whether it is because there is something nostalgic about tea or perhaps it is the feeling of warmth it brings there is really nothing tea can’t help fix. Here is my list of 7 times that tea fixed everything! 

  1. When you were in shock:

Whether you had just caught your parents up to no good or had a bad fall a nice strong cup of sugary tea was all you needed to ‘for the shock’. It would calm you right down and you’d be grand in no time.



  1. Break Up’s:

This also goes for relationship trouble of any sort including ‘I’m about to kill him if I find one more sock…BESIDE the laundry basket. A cuppa and a good long aul rant is just what the doctor ordered.




3. Exams

The Irish mammy and daddies have the kettle on standby 24/7 during exam times. A pick me up during study break or the cuppa to keep you going as you re read things a thousand times you know you’ll forget the minute the exam is over…or at least you hope you won’t forget it all until then.


  1. Home Sickness

There’s nothing like a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive when your home sick. Especially over a phone call to your nearest and dearest back home.


  1. Stress

Whether its green tea, chamomile or your run of the mil tea bag, tea just has a calming effect on the soul. Taking the time to sit down with a cup of hot tea and take a breather makes everything seem just a little better.




6. Your Period

Ok so this one doesn’t exactly count for the lads but a Dairy Milk and a cup of tea makes all the difference when you feel like someone is shredding your insides up into tiny little pieces. It is not a cure but is not to be underestimated either.



7. Death

It is not only alcohol that flows plentifully around the time of a funeral so if you or someone you loved has passed away be sure to stock up on the tea bags. It’s not so much the beverage itself that brings comfort but by the time the kettle is filled, put on and the tea is made you find yourself half way through a story of the time your granny thought the doctors were all out to stop her going on her holiers!


Perhaps Mrs Doyle wasn’t all that exaggerated with her forceful approach to tea drinking after all! It doesn’t really matter what way you like your tea it is just one of those magical Irish mystery cures to all sorts of life problems.